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A car dealers net income is the amount of money he makes after all expenses, bills and taxes have been paid.

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Q: What is the car dealers net income?
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Formula for net income?

Net income percentage = Net income / Revenue

How do you calulate net income percentage?

Net income percentage formula: Net Income percentage = Net Income / Revenue * 100

Formula for net income percentage?

Net income percentage = Net income / Revenue

Which section of the income statement does not report net of income taxes or net of income?

Trading account statement does not report net of income taxes or net of income.

Net Cost when purchasing a vehicle?

Car dealers must list "Plus sales tax" when advertising a lease. When advertising a sale they can write "Net Cost" but this is a dishonest use of the phrase. The definition of net cost is gross cost minus income received. There are still other costs such as tax, setup fees, destination, etc.

What is difference between Net Income and Net Operating Income?

Net operating income is income which is earned from basic operating activity of business while net income is included income from other activities as well.

How is gross income different from net income?

net income is gross income less expenses

When is income summary a net loss?

when net income is zero

What is net income if revenue is 45000 expenses are 25000 purchased assets are 5000 and owner drawings are 3000?

Formula for net income is as follows: Net income = sales - expenses net income = 45000 - 25000 net income = 20000

How do you do the income summary?

If there is a net income, debit Income Summary. If there is a net loss, then credit it.

If expense is overstated will net income be lower?

Net Income = Sales - ExpensesSo as many expanses net income will be lower.

How to calculate net income when cash dividend is given?

Cash dividend paid has nothing to deal with net income as net income is calculated first and after that it is distributed. If cash dividend is received then it is included in net income calculations and increases the net income.

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