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Crash would be the term I would use.

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Q: What is the best term used to describe a vehicle hitting another object?
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What is a better term to describe a vehicle hitting another object?

Impact; collision; crash; accident

Is throwing an object by a minor at another minor and hitting them considered assault?

No. Throwing an object an hitting another person is battery. Throwing it and missing them would be considered assault.

What covers a vehicle not due to an accident?

Comprehensive coverage on your auto policy covers fire, theft, vandalism, broken glass, animal collision, hail damage, windstorms, etc. Collision covers hitting another vehicle or object or turning the vehicle over.

How does a bouncing ball differ from a vehicle hitting a solid object?

The vehicle is not made of rubber -- it crumples rather than bouncing- it does return to its old shape when compressed.

Occur when a vehicle hits another object?


If you hit another car what part of your insurance covers this collision or compressive?

Collision. Collision covers a collision with an object such as another vehicle, mailbox, tree, etc. Comprehensive covers fire, theft (of the vehicle, not its contents), vandalism, weather related incidents (i.e. hail, lightning, etc), and hitting an animal such as a deer.

Repo man if the vehicle is chained to another object or vehicle what do you do?

Get a court order to cut the chain and sieze the vehicle.

Who is at fault when car parked in the middle of a court is hit?

Generally the one moving as The expectation is that the driver of a moving vehicle is in control of that vehicle and can safely stop before hitting a stationery object.

What is the pressure at impact of a 5000 lb vehicle traveling 15 mph hitting an object?

if a truck weighing 5000 lbs traveling 15 mph hits an object , what is the pressure at impact?

What does collision insurance cover?

It covers damage to your vehicle resulting from an at fault collision with another vehicle or object.

What is another word to describe an object with neutral buoyancy?

It is average density.

What is the force of a vehicle traveling 40 mph and hitting a stationary object?

I'm pretty sure that's going to depend on the vehicle's mass. I'm sitting here performing a gedanken experiment right now, with a house fly and a Mercedes both hitting the same brick wall.