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They might have higher mileage at this price but I recommend an Infiniti G35, a Honda S2000 or a VW GTI. Otherwise with lower mileage a Mustang GT.

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Q: What is the best sports car to get for under 15000?
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Best looking sports car under 10000?

What you call a Sports Car may not be a true sports car. What is best looking to you may not be best looking to me. Looks are subjective. A used Mazda Miata can be bought for under $10,000 and it is a nice looking true sports car.

Fastest car under 15000?

Toyota supra

What is the best sport car ever?

The best sports car ever is the Honda odyssey.

What is the best new car 1.6 liter in range of 15000?

Renault Clio 1.6 is the best one, you could get a 2010 model for 7,000

How much is a paint job for a ferrari enzo?

Wouldn't touch it for under $15000, a car like that has to be perfect and perfection takes time

What kind of sports car do you think is the best?

A ferrari

German sports car founded in 1931 best luxury car 2006?

I am not sure About the German sports car but the best luxury car in 2006 would have to be the BMW 760 I. The LI is also good but it is a passenger car. It is no fun to drive.

Where is the best place to road test your new sports car?

The best place to take your new sports car for a road test is with the car dealer before the purchase. If you want more information about how it has been reviewed, visitg

Is the Ferrari a sports car?

Yes, the majority of Ferrari cars would come under the sports car / super car echelon. A few like the 456 are GT cars though.

How much a month for a 15000 car payment?


What Porsche is best for the sports car enthusiast?

Cayman s

What is the best used sports car?

mustang GT coupe