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Mustang Fox Body. They are a bit blocky but very very fast.

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Q: What is the best mustang you can get for 5000?
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What kind of condition would a 1998 Ford Mustang probably be in if it was listed for $2500?

It would likely not be in the best condition. The "good condition" '98 Mustangs I checked were going for about $5000.

What mustang is in the music video sweet thing by Keith Urban?

69 mustang... the best Mustang there is out there lol

Who makes the best mustang?


Where to get Ford Mustang parts cheap?

The best place to get the best Mustang parts cheap is can copy/paste that if you would like)

What is the best year for a Ford Mustang 5.0?

1992/1993 mustang GT, COBRA, or SALEEN.

Where can I find used mustangs for sale?

if your searching on mustang cars the best way to search is on or they where the best and trusted in online selling of mustang cars.

What was the Best selling car in 1998?

The Ford Mustang

How much approx will a 1968 351 ford mustang engine cost?

crate engine will cost anywhere from 1500-5000, depending on where/optional equip, etc.

What is a reliable rear wheel drive manual sporty looking first car for around 5000 dollars?

A Ford Mustang 1979 to 1993 Fox Body.

Where can you buy Mustang wheels at?

Mustang wheels can bought at many retailers online. To find the best price check sites such as Amazon, American Muscle, Cruizin Concepts or Mustang Depot.

What's the song by Powerman 5000?

there is a lot of songs by powerman 5000 and i think a is for apathy is kind of good but not the best

What is the best used sports car?

mustang GT coupe