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Q: What is the best estimate for the weight of a new car?
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What are the Estimate price of a typical new car in dollars?

10,000 apex

Which would be a reasonable estimate for the length of a new car?

4 metres.

What is the best estimate of the length of a new pencil?

18 centimetre is one estimate.

How long does it take Arkansas to New Jersey?

I would estimate about 2 days by car.

How long is it from New York to Canada?

I'd estimate about three hours. DO NOT go in a car.

What is the best car insurance company in New Jersey?

If you are wondering what is the best car insurance company in New Jersey because you just moved to New Jersey and you need car insurance, you should check with Geico.

How do you get best price on new car?


How do race car drivers use math?

They calculate the aerodynamic of their car might include (density of weight) and the speed of which they can traveling at to estimate the control and speed the car can go.

Best Cars?

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Where can I buy a new shiny car?

The best place would be a car lot that sells shiny new cars. there are a lot of car lots in your are that would offer shiny new cars and they could help you find the one that is the shiniest and best for your needs. They would have the best options.

Where can consumers find car ratings?

Consumers find car ratings in Consumer Reports. Reviews are available for New Car Preview 2013, New Car Ratings & Review 2013, Best & Worst New Cars 2013, Best Cars, SUVs & Trucks.

What is the best car that just came out?

Well the best car to me and my family and friends is the new mustang 2013 we just now bought it great car