What is the axel shaft?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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on what year make model

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Q: What is the axel shaft?
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Central shaft for a rotating wheel?

a axel

What is a LT CV shaft on a Nissan Maxima?

I would say it is the left axel shaft.

How do you remove axle shaft onb daewoo cielo?

how do i remove the axel shaft off the daewoo cielo

What size is the axel shaft nut on a Pontiac Montana van?

34 or 36 mm i believe

On a 2003 Dodge R1500 what is the torque spec on the hub axel shaft nut?

200ft. pounds

How do you replace the front axel drive shaft on a 1988 Toyota Corolla?

you just pull it out you just pull it out

How do you change a 1990 suburban from automatic hubs to manual?

It CAN'T be done.. Due to the design of the axel shaft and hub.

Is there a tool to remove the trans-axel on the passagers side?

If you mean the CV shaft itself, no, there are no special tools required, normally.

How do you replace axel shaft?

This web page will give you all the info you need to preform this repair.

How do you get cv axel all the way in on 1994 Chevy cavalier?

There is a keeper ring that must be "popped" into it's groove within the trans-axel. Line the shaft as staight as you can and give it a swift tap at the thread end with a rubber hammer toward the trans. Most of the time I can feel it click in with the hand that's holding the axel.

How do you replace right front axle shaft in 1997 Nissan Altima standard shift?

How do u replace the front axel on a 1997 nissan altima

How big is the center nut on the half shaft on a 2002 venture van?

I have a 2002 venture van and i removed the center Axel nut with a 34 millimeter socket