What is the average weight of a motorbike?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is the average weight of a motorbike?
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What is the weight of a motorbike?


What is the ideal motorbike to rider weight ratio?

The ideal motorbike to rider weight ratio is 0.07. The closer the ratio is to zero, the more it feels like one is riding without the motorbike weight, just the rider's.

What is the average horsepower of an average motorbike?

355 horsepower

Can you weight a motorbike over two bathroom scales?


What is wet weight?

The weight of a car or motorbike when petrol, oil and other fluids are taken into account.

What is the average speed of a motorbike?

The average speed of a motorbike used in competition is around 88 miles per hour. Otherwise, the speed is around 50 to 60 miles per hour.

What is the average motorbike insurance cost for a male?

It is not possible to give a definitive answer. There are many variables involved such as age, location, the make and model of the motorbike, experience, etc.

On average how much does a Yamaha YPG625 motorbike cost?

The model that you have listed is actually a Yamaha keyboard and not a motorbike. It can be purchased for approximately $500 for a used model. If you are indeed looking for a Yamaha motorbike there is a great deal of price variance between models.

What is the record for heaviest weight balanced on teeth?

135 lb. motorbike balanced for 14.5 seconds

Does Robin have a motorbike?

Yes he has a motorbike but it wasn't exposed his motorbike at all times.

Is Honda motorbike insurance higher than the average car insurance?

When looking to buy insurance for your Honda motorbike, keep in mind that the price for insurance will vary depending on which insurance company you choose.

What is a 250cc motorbike?

its the size of the engine in the motorbike.