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The average price for a Saleen sports car is around $500,000 - $600,000. However the final price you pay will depend on where you purchase the vehicle from.

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2013-04-20 00:07:29
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Q: What is the average price for a Saleen sports car?
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What kind of sports car does Bruce Almighty drive?

Saleen S7

What brand is saleen S7 the car?

its made by saleen

How much did a car cost in 1930?

The lowest price listed for any car (automobile) was $425.00 the highest was $2,995.00 (a very high end sports car); the average price was $640.00.

What category is the saleen car?

If your talking about what category for this site, American cars, saleen mustang can be furture narrowed down to ford cars. If you talking in general, the S7 is a super car. The saleen mustang is a muscle car.

Which car is faster saleen or Lamborghini?

If you mean the Saleen s7, then the Saleen is faster than any current lamborghini production car. Faster to 60, Faster in the quarter mile, Faster top speed. The But it depends on which Saleen you are pitting against which Lamborghini...

Which car is better lamborghini or saleen s7?

LAMBORGHINI is way better than the saleen s7!

Is the saleen s7 the fastest car in the world?


What was the average car price in 1995?

Average price for a new car in 1995 was $15,500.

Average price of an import car?

Considering that a Porsche, Ferrari, Kia and Diahatsu are all imports, you need to be a little more specific.... Average price for a foreign family sedan, foreign sports car, sport utility.... etc.

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How fast does a Saleen S7 go?

The newest version of the saleen s7 goes at 276mph the fastest car ever

What was the average car price IN 1984?

The average price of a new car in 1984 was $6,294.

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