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Q: What is the average length of a family sedan car?
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What is the length of average car?

The length of an average car is about five meters. Some are longer than this while others are shorter like the sedan which is about 4.12 meters.

Average cost of a family car?

There are many factors involved in determining the average cost of a family car. These include whether it is a sedan or SUV, how large of an engine it has, and extra packages included.

Is a dodge charger a family car?

family sports sedan.

What is the average number of used car tires in a single ton?

The average tire is around 40lbs(family sedan tire) of that would be around 55 tires.

How do you use sedan in a sentence?

I searched online and found a wonderful sedan car that fits my whole family.

Average price of an import car?

Considering that a Porsche, Ferrari, Kia and Diahatsu are all imports, you need to be a little more specific.... Average price for a foreign family sedan, foreign sports car, sport utility.... etc.

How many passengers in cars in Queensland?

... It rather depends on the size of the car ... The average sedan will take a driver and four passengers, but there are smaller and larger family vehicles.

What is the avrage length of a car?

Average length of a car is 177.2 inch

What is the average length of a European car?

The average length of a European car is about 15 feet.

What is the cheapest family friendly Sedan available?

There will be many debates as to what is considered the best family friendly Sedan available. Acording to Kelly Blue Book a trusted name in car information there were ten top family cars chosen in 2011. Of those, the cheapest sedan was the Hyundai Sonata.

How much is 1 car length?

It is the length of one car, usually just an average.

What is the metric unit length of a car?

You would measure the length of a car in metres. An average car is about 4m