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The California Speedway is now known as Auto Club Speedway. The average track speed reaches over 200 miles per hour while the fastest lap is 241.428 miles per hour.

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Q: What is the average lap speed of the California Speedway track?
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What is the NASCAR track in California?

Nascar has two tracks located in California. Auto Club Speedway is in Fontana and Infineon Raceway is in Sonoma.

What is the fastest NASCAR track in mph?

Auto Club Speedway (aka California Speedway)Holds the closed course world record at a racetrack for fastest lap and fastest raceLap - Gil de Ferran - CART - Marlboro Team Penske - 241.428 in 2000Race - Toyota Indy 400 - 2003 - Avg race speed of 207.151

What was the quickest time around the Charlotte Motor Speedway track?

In May 2000, Dale Earnhardt Jr. set the qualifying record at Charlotte Motor Speedway with a speed of 186.034.

What track hosted its first NASCAR race in 1997?

Daytona Motor Speedway, but at that time the track was on the beach and was 3 miles long, 1.5 of the miles were on a national highway (the highway was roped off).

Are flat track or speedway racing motorcycles faster on the same track?

Depends on the track if the track has shorter straightaways a speedway bike is faster if a track is longer a flattrack bike is faster. due to the fact you have to let off the gas in the straightaways and gas it in the turns on a speedway bike. Of course you could gear you speedway bike for longer tracks and be competitive

What is the length of the track at Lowes Motor Speedway?

Bristol Motor Speedway is a half-mile track.

What do you call a car race track?


If you can swim 20 laps around the track in 2 hours what is the average speed?

If you can swim 20 laps around the track in 2 hours what is the average speed

What was Bristol Motor Speedway called in 1961?

The track was called Bristol International Speedway in 1961.

What is the fastest Race Course in the world?

The one track that held the world record for speed of a vehicle on a closed course was Talledega Super Speedway in Alabama.

Who owns Lowe's Motor Speedway?

In 2010, Lowe's Motor Speedway went back to its previous name, Charlotte Motor Speedway. The track is owned by Speedway Motorsports Inc.

What is the name of the race track in the CARS movie?

I think they used to tracks in the movie.. but it was either Daytona Speedway or Talledega Speedway. I think it was Talledega Speedway.