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The average gas mileage for sport utility vehicle (SUV) is about 18 miles per gallon for gas only models. Some hybrids get as high as 35 miles per gallon.

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Q: What is the average gas mileage for SUV?
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What is theAverage gas mileage of an SUV?

What mid size SUV get's the best gas milage?

What is the SUV with the best gas mileage?

According to, the Ford Escape Hybrid FWD is the SUV with the best gas mileage. It gets 34 highway and 31 city giving it an average of 32 miles per gallon.

Where can I find a SUV with best gas mileage?

To find an SUV with the best gas mileage I would go to has a great way of showing the difference in each SUV with the top gas mileages.

Where can I write a review concerning the poor gas mileage of SUV's?

You can write a review on the gas mileage on a SUV at sites such as or These are review sites and you can put your review there

What is an SUV with the best gas mileage?

Checking a website such as MSN Autos or Consumer Reports will let you compare the different models of SUV to determine which will help you get the best gas mileage.

Does a hybrid SUV get good gas mileage?

Gas mileage for hybrid SUVs varies depending on the model of SUV and the manner in which the vehicle is driven. In general, hybrid SUVs have gas mileage rating comparable to or better than standard SUVs.

How to locate the best fuel efficient SUV of 2013?

Gas mileage will depend a lot on how the SUV is used. Finding the SUV with best gas mileage to suit your individual needs is quite easy when you use one of the comparison sites.

Which modern SUV gives the best mileage to gas?

The 2011 Toyota RAV4 2WD is a modern SUV that is gives you the best gas mileage. With this vehicle you'll be decreasing your monthly trips to the gas station tremendously.

Which SUV has the best gas mileage?

The 2011 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD. is the leader among SUV with the best gas mileage. Not only is it a super stylish SUV, but it serves up over 30mpg in almost every situation you can throw at it.

What is the best gas mileage 2013 SUV?

The best gas mileage SUV for a large family would be the Ford Escape Hybrid. It is SUV with 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine with 177 hp. Perfect for anyone who wants be fuel efficient.

What is the best gas mileage for an SUV?

Finding the best mpg suv will depend greatly on your lifestyle. Using the comparison sites can help you to decide which SUV will offer you the best mileage based on the way you will be using it.

What model of used SUV has the best gas mileage and reliability?

The Ford escape and Jeep Liberty of of two top selling SUV's that are good on mileage and they are reliable even in the winter months.

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