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Depending on the type of brake services that is needed, the average cost of the service can be as inexpensive as $150.00, or the cost can rise as high as $1000.00

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Q: What is the average cost of brake service offered by Sears?
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What kinds of products and services are offered at Sears Automotive?

Sears Automotive centers offer alignment, brake service and most types of routine maintenance. They also sell tires, batteries, and other parts and accessories.

What services are provided by the Sears Service Center?

The Sears Service is an auto repair shop. Their services include tire repair, engine repair, brake repair, oil changes, and steering wheel adjustment.

Who offers cheap brake replacement services?

There are a number of great places to take your car for brake repair. some of the best would be Firestone, Sears Auto Repair, and the Wal-Mart Auto Service Center.

How do you move the piston back when changing rear brake pads on a Honda prelude 2.2 vti-r 93?

If parking brake is operated through service brake--then piston is threaded into caliper body--special tool is needed (not expensive) available at Sears or auto parts

Are service brake lines and control brake lines the same thing on an air brake system?

The service brake is the one which applies the brakes - the emergency brake system is the system which releases the spring brakes.

How much does it cost to replace brake line on Hyundai?

The average cost to replace a brake line on a Hyundai is about 15 dollars for the part. The service and installation can cost as much as about 300 dollars at a dealership.

How many brakes on 2010 Ford Escape?

Each wheel has a service brake assembly. The rear service brake assemblies include a parking brake.

Is there a brake team that can fix brakes?

There are several sources that offer brake repair service by a brake team, you should choose one that offer the least stress on you as they do the repair. Two names come to mind and they are Mienke Brake Repair Service and GMC Brake Service and their work is excellent.

What is the average cost of a brake job?

Brake jobs range widely in price depending on what you are getting done and who you will have service you. You may want to take it to the dealership, but they usually charge more than at a local garage.

What are some of the services offered by Kwik Kar?

Full service oil and lube, air filter service, air conditioning service, alignment service, battery maintenance, brake flush service, brake service, cabin air filter service, differential service, engine diagnostics, fuel filter service, fuel injection service, bulb replacements, PCV valve service, power steering service, radiator flush, serpentine belt service, shocks & struts, state inspections, timing belt/chain service, tire rotation and balance, transmission service, tune-ups, wiper replacents, nitrogen tire service, scheduled maintenance.

How do you reset the brake service indicator on an Mercedes ml350?

Press the brake

1995 Chevrolet Truck how do you install brake switch under dash?

go to sears