What is the average age of a new car buyer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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25-30 years old

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Q: What is the average age of a new car buyer?
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What is the law on car buyer's remorse in Virginia?

Is there a New Car Buyer's remorse law in Virginia

Can a co-buyer move out of state with car?

A co-buyer can move out of state with car as long as car payments are current. The co-buyer should update the new address with the lender.

Who registers a car when buying the buyer or the seller?

The buyer does, seller can sell without registration on it, it is up to the new buyer if he/she wants to register it.

What is the definition of used car?

A usable car that has been previously used but is new to the buyer.

Is thre buyer remorse fo new car purchase in New Jersey?

NO, the Buyer's Remorse law only covers unsolicited purchases, not vehicles.

Can I sign my deceased mother's car title to a new buyer?

Did you inherit the car? If so, yes. If you did not inherit the car, then no.

Can you return a new car in New Mexico?

You cannot return a new car unless the dealership or individual allows you to. There is no provision for buyer's remorse.

Why would dealer take back a leased car early and offer a newer one?

Cause they have a buyer willing to pay top dollar for your car. So they will offer you a new one with new payments, and sell your car to the other buyer. It's all about the $$$$$

What was the average cost to buy a new car in 1995?

Average cost of new car $15500.00

Average cost of new car?

$30,748 is the average price of a new car as of 4/2012.

Is there a car buyer's remorse law in Maryland?

No, there is no buyer's remorse law on the purchase of any new car in any state. Once you buy the car it is yours, and it becomes a used car the moment you sign the contract and drive away. Some states may have such a law on the purchase of a used car, such as the California law, but not on a new car. There is however a lemon law in your state.

What is the first step that a smart new car buyer should take before talking to salespersons and putting a deposit on a car?

Study the car market