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It is accelerating at 1.2m/s per second.

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Q: What is the average acceleration of a car that starts at rest and then moves straight ahead reaching 18 meters per second in 12 seconds?
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What is the average acceleration between 0 seconds and 4 seconds?

what is the change in speed or velocity? average acceleration will be change in speed or velocity divided by time taken (4 seconds in ur case)

What is the average acceleration of the particle between 0 seconds and 4 seconds?

it's answer "c"

What is the acceleration of a car moving in a straight line at a constant rate of 29 meters per second for 4 seconds?

"Constant rate" implies there is no acceleration - acceleration is zero.

What is the average velocity of the particle from rest to 9 seconds?

The answer will depend on its acceleration.

Suppose that an object is traveling along a straight line Suppose that its velocity function is given by vt equals 4t2 -8t where t is in seconds Find the objects average acceleration along the time?

The object's instantaneous acceleration is (8t - 8) at any time.We can't calculate the average acceleration, because you haven't defined a periodof time over which to average it. We need the start and finish times in order tofind an average.

What is the acceleration of a inline skater going straight and goes from 3 miles to 9 miles in 3 seconds?

The acceleration cannot be determined with this information. The beginning and ending velocity needs to be known. You can determine her average velocity, however. average velocity = displacement/time = (9mi - 3mi)/3s = 6m/3s = 2m/s

Hits a speed of 50 m s after 5 seconds what is his rate of acceleration?

If he started out from "rest" (zero speed), then his average acceleration for the 5 seconds is50/5 = 10 meters per second2

An eagle accelerates from 15 meters per second to 22 meters per second in 4 seconds. What is the eagle's average acceleration?

Average acceleration is the amount of acceleration per unit of time that a thing or an object undergoes. It is simple to discover. To find the average acceleration, we need only find out how much acceleration occurred and over what period of time. If we have the starting and the ending speeds, then by subtracting them we can find the chane of acceleration. Then we can divide that acceleration by the time it took to occur. The eagle in our example accelerates from 15 m/s to 22 m/s over a period of 4 seconds. His total acceleration was 7 m/s (22 m/s minus 15 m/s = 7 m/s), and, since it took 4 seconds to increase his speed by 7 m/s, the average acceleration is the total acceleration divided by the time it took to happen (as was stated). The average acceleration is 7 m/s divided by 4 seconds or 1.75 meters per second.

What is the equation used to calculate the accerleration of an object?

Change of speed divided by time gives you average acceleration. For example, a change of 30 m/s during 5 seconds gives you 6 meters per second square - this is the average acceleration during those 5 seconds. If acceleration is constant, then this is also the acceleration at any moment during those 5 seconds. For more complicated functions (non-constant acceleration), derivates (a topic in calculus) has to be used. Specifically, the acceleration is the derivative of the velocity.

The velocity of a radio-controlled car changes from 0.50 ms to 3.5 ms in 1.5 seconds if the car moves in a straight line what is the average acceleration of the car?

2 meters/second or 7 km/h

Is a car accelerates from rest to 27M/S 22.9 seconds what is the average acceleration?

the acceleration of the car is 1.179m/s/s given the formula provided.

What is was the average rate of yards gained from 90 seconds to 120 seconds?

You haven't mentioned distances or speed or acceleration, so this cannot be answered.