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one million dollars

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Q: What is the average PE ratio for the manufacturing industry?
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What is the average pe ratio for oil and gas industry?


What is the historic PE Ratio for the semiconductor industry?

The semiconductor industry is divided into many different sectors. The PE ratio varies as far as trailing and foreword are concerned. However, the semiconductor industry toggles between 42 and 45 PE ratio, which is significantly stablein comparison.

What is the average PE ratio of hedge funds?


What is a typical PE ratio for manufacturer of commercial printers?

Price to earning (PE) ratios are an important tool to evaluate or compare companies of the same industry. A high PE ratio means that the investors are paying more per unit of income which in turn makes its stock more expensive. For manufacturers of commercial printers, the lowest mark is 8.66 and the highest is 17.12, giving an average of 12.89.

What is Costco's PE Ratio?

As of 4-27-07, Costco's PE ratio is 23.75.

What is a PE ratio?

pe's ratio is excess:size reduction i think it stands for PHYSICAL EDUCATION which means physical= move education = learning

Is a PE ratio expressed as a dollar?

No. If it is a ratio (as it is) then it has no units: it is a pure number.

Define low PE ratio.?

A PE ratio is the price to earnings multiple for a stock. It is the current stock price divided by the earnings per share for the past 4 full quarters reported. So, if a stock is trading at $15 a share, the company earned $5 million dollars over the last 4 quarters and the company has 5 million shares outstanding, then the PE ratio would be 15 (15 / (5/5)). A low PE ratio then is a multiple that considers the stock cheap relatively, either to all other stocks, to other stocks in its industry, or to its growth prospects.

What is the historic PE Ratio for the Nasdaq?


What is the Three factors that determine a company's PE ratio?

The three factors that determine a company's price-to-earnings (PE) ratio are the company's stock price, its earnings per share (EPS), and investor sentiment towards the company's future growth prospects. A high PE ratio suggests that investors are willing to pay more for the company's earnings, while a low PE ratio indicates that the company may be undervalued.

Fuel Ratio for a Suzuki 1981 PE 250?

It is 20:1

Where can you find the PE Ratio for the entire NYSE Listings?

Go to Yahoo Finance and enter the stock symbol. The PE ratio is under the summary section. You can also just be old school and use the newspaper.