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Q: What is the age to legally drive in the state of Oklahoma?
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How old do you need to be to get insurance?

The age in the state where you can legally drive on your own

What age is the legal age for getting a tattoo with parental consent in Oklahoma?

Unlike piercings, tattoos are only available to adult (legally). There is no age for parental consent in regards to tattoos in the state of oklahoma. Until you're 18 you can't legally get one.

What age can you test drive a car?

To drive LEGALLY you must be the minimum age in your state.

What is the legal age to smoke in the state of Oklahoma?

18 legally, but don't start until you know the risks...

How old should you be to get a drivers permit in Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma you must be at least 14 and a half years of age to legally drive a car with a permit, but you HAVE to be 16 years of age to get your licence.

How old do you have to be to legally drive a boat?

The legal age is 13 years of age to legally drive a boat.

What is the legal age to drive in Florida if you are a tourist?

In Florida, as in all the other states, a visitor may legally drive regardless of age if licenced by any other state.

If you are married in Oklahoma at age 16 are you emancipated?

If you are legally married, you are considered an adult.

Can your friend legally drive your car with you in the car?

If he or she is a licensed driver and some states have an age requirement. They have to meet the state laws for driving. If they don't, no they can't drive.

You are 16 and live in Oklahoma your boyfriend is 18 and also lives in Oklahoma Can you legally move out of your parents house and move into his If not what age can you do so?

Legal age in Oklahoma is 18 unless you get permition or emancipation.

What is the age requirement to drive a jet ski in Oklahoma?

12 years of age

What age you are legally allowed to drive in the US?

you have to be 16