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All states have enacted Child Passenger Safety Laws. Most of these require the child to be in the rear seat whenever possible. However, the specific details of the laws vary from state to state.

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Q: What is the Federal Law about children transitioning out of a car booster seat?
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How high do you have to be to sit in a car without a booster seat?

In Georgia, children over 4'9" may use only a seat belt and are not required to use a booster seat.

What age can you use a booster seat in Maryland?

Children who are 4'9' or higher should use booster seats. Age isn't really a restriction in the state of Maryland, height determines when children should use a booster seat. Booster seats help increase their height so that seat belts fit appropriately.

What is a safe booster seat for my kids at the table?

A company by the name of graco makes great booster seat products for children. Again this isn't the only company that makes a great booster seat but their chairs are dependable and safe.

What is the height permitted for children to not use a booster seat?

i believe 4,5

Does an 8 year old need a booster seat?

At the age of 8, children can sit in the back seat without a booster seat. They do need to have a seat belt; however, and not be in the front. They need to be securely fastened as well.

Where can someone buy booster seat law?

One cannot purchase a booster seat "law", but one can purchase a booster seat at various retailers. One can purchase a booster seat at Walmart and Target.

For children ages four and five a separate carrier may be used?

a booster seat

What is the law about a child in the front seat with booster seat?

This depends on the state but usually children are not allowed in the front seat until they are 4'7" or a certain age. This means no child in a booster seat should be in the front seat as the airbags are not designed to work safelt with something like that in the front seat.

Does a child of 4 need a car seat or a booster seat?

booster chair

How tall do you have to be to not have a booster seat?

You have to be (4.5) to not have a booster

How much do you have to weigh to not sit in a booster seat?

sixty pounds to not sit in a booster seat

When can a child leave a booster seat?

Do this to check if a child can leave a booster. The child should place their back on the seat with their big ass in the end. If the child's feet can touch the ground they are ready. Most children stop using booster seats when they are 7.

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