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The AM2 fuse protects the circuit between the battery and the ignition switch. After the ignition switch, it first powers the distributor, then the igniter module.

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Q: What is the AM-2 fuse for in a 1999 Toyota Camry?
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Why is your am2 fuse keep blowning in your Toyota Camry 1996?

Most likely because you have wire isolation damaged and the wire is grounded when it's not supposed.

95 Toyota celica fuse box has a abbreviation for a fuse. the fuse is called AM2 what does it stand for?

The AM2 -CODE is a 30amp fuse,looking in my log book it comes under STARTING SYSTEM I'm having problems with mine,it keeps blowing the fuse and the car wont start.Any help would greatly be appreciate, do not know where to start.

What is controlled by AM2 fuse?

The AM2 fuse controls the starting system as well as the fuel injection system. This fuse is also connected to the discharge warning system and the airbags.

Am2 fuse blows 98 Toyota Tacoma?

Check to make sure each fuse is working fine. Sometime a green or other color rust is the cause of the problem.?æ

What does the am2 fuse run in a es300 Lexus?

fuse keeps blowing

What is the am2 fuse for a 92 Toyota Paseo used for?

I have this problem with my Glanza starlet, After having a new clutch and gearbox fitted, someone reversed my battery connections and blew the alternator, the fuse marked AM2 is also blowing, without this fuse the starter won't even turn. This far I have found from other forums that this fuse controls the EFI and electronic ignition circuits. I probably have another piece of electronic equipment which has also suffered damage. Good luck..

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