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ItS not actually a 5th wheel. The trailer has a gooseneck on it that attaches to a mounted bracket in the bed of a pickup. Like a ball hitch, just bigger

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Q: What is the 5th wheel of a 5th wheel trailer?
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where can i find blinds for a 5th wheel trailer ?

where can i find blinds for a 5th wheel trailer??

Tow a trailer behind 5th wheel trailer in Oregon?

Illegal in Oregon.

What is the 5th wheel location for a 48' trailer?

The kingpin is normally 42 inches from the nose of the trailer.

What causes 5th wheel travel trailer to lean?

a brokin or weak spring on the axle of the trailer

Is it possible to tow a trailer behind a 5th wheel trailer?

it is possible but some states don't allow it.

Which type of trailer hitch is mounted in the pickup bedto put more on the trailer weight directly over the towing vehivcle?

"5th wheel"

Which of the following is not a result of sliding the 5th wheel of a tractor forward?

This does not remove weight from the trailer axles.

Is the towing capacity different with a fifth wheel?

No! But it does make towing a better experience. Check your owners manual for ratings and tongue weights. IIRC, there will be a difference in tongue weights that are different between tag trailers and 5th wheel/goosenecks. Towing a 7000 lb trailer that uses the receiver hitch will tow a lot better if the same weight trailer is a 5th wheel or a gooseneck trailer.

What if your brother wrecked your truck and 5th wheel trailer your full coverage insurance paid for the truck but refuses to pay for the trailer damage are they responsible?

yes they are responsible

How do I tow a fifth wheel trailer?

You need a truck that is rated to pull the weight of the trailer, Extended side mirrors. Electric brake system in the truck for the trailer. A 5th wheel hitch. The trailer will follow along behind the truck normally but on turns make sure you turn wide, the trailer will track to the inside of the curve on any turn. Give yourself plenty of stopping distance. The trailer will cut your gas mileage almost in half, if it's a big 5th wheel. Don't overload the 5th wheel with unnecessary junk it adds weight. If you start fast you will feel the "King Pin" yank you back as the trailer starts to roll after you. You will also feel it push you if you stop fast. Be very conscious about your size in traffic. Other than that it drives just like any truck.

Where can one purchase fifth wheel trailer hitch parts?

A good place to shop for 5th wheel trailer hitch parts is eTrailer. They offer high quality hitches for every application and all the replacement parts and accessories that you need.

How do you upright a travel trailer that was blown onto its side?

Depends on the size of the trailer. Your average pop-up can just be pushed over. If you're talking 5th-wheel, you'll need a wrecker.