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Q: What is th oil to gas mix ratio for echo pb-413t leaf blower?
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Which gas leaf blower is best?

Echo brand

What is the correct fuel mix for a echo pb260L blower?

what is the gas mixture for an echo leaf blower P B260 L

What is the correct oil to gas mixture in an echo pb 1000 leaf blower?

Echo-branded oil is a 50:1 ratio and is available in bottles pre-measured to mix with certain quantities of gas.

What is the correct oil to gas mixture in a echo pb 250 leaf blower?

50:1 regardless what the prior manuals say, thats what my manual from echo says as of 1/4/2013

Where can one purchase an Echo leaf blower?

Leaf blowers or leaf blowing VACs can be purchased from stores stocking outdoor and garden related hardware and appliances. Alternatively, such products might be purchased through online vendors such as Amazon.

What is the correct ratio of gas to oil for weedeater leaf blower B175OLE?


What is the oil to gas ratio for a husqvarna 350bt leaf blower?

Husqvarna fuel mixture ratio is 50:1

What is the spark plug gap for an echo leaf blower model PB460LN?

About 1/8 inch is close enough

What is the fuel oil ratio for a johndeer bp65le leaf blower?

50:1 with an oil designed for that.

What is the correct fuel mixture for a ECHO PB-403T power leaf blower?

Valvoline 2cycle oil ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This does not answer the question... idiots.. smh. The answer is 50:1.

What is the fuel mix ratio for the echo pb-2100?

I have a pb 2100 made in 2000 all my echo prouduct's call for 89 octane fuel and echo two stroke oil mixed 50-1 . I run the same mixture in my pb 2100 , pb 251, and pb 250 leaf blower and even my srm 225 weedeater. So this is the correct mix to use in anything that has a two cycle motor.

What is the correct oil to gas mixture in a echo leaf blower?

50:1, or 1 gallon of GAS to 2.6oz. of 2-stroke oil