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Q: What is someone called who covers car seats and chesterfields?
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The person who covers chairs cushions cars seats etc?

A person who covers chairs and car seats is an upholsterer.

Where can one purchase covers for truck seats?

One can purchase covers for truck seats online on websites, such as Amazon, eBay and Best Buy. Covers for truck seats come in different sizes and designs.

What are different features of comfort provided by Honda Civic seats and covers?

The different features of comfort provided by Honda Civic seats and covers are added leg room and seats that contour to your body. The covers cushion the seats to a very comfortable feel.

Why would anyone have Zebra seat covers?

Zebra seat covers can be used to protect seats from spills and other events that can ruin seats (in cars or out). The choice is a matter of personal taste and preference.

Are universal and standard toilet seat covers the same size?

No the standard toilet seat covers are for the standard round toilet seats. The universal will fit the long oblong shaped toilet seats.

Do seat covers really help with wear and tear on car seats?

Seat covers do help with wear and tear on car seats by preventing rips and stains. By using car seat covers, the resale value of used cars goes up dramatically.

Seat Covers for Cars?

form_title= Seat Covers for Cars form_header= Protect your seats. What material do you want the seat covers?*= _ [50] Do you want a design on them?*= () Yes () No What color do you want the seat covers?*= _ [50]

What used cars have bench seats?

Any vehicles that do not have 'bucket-style' seats are said to have 'bench' seats. That covers w-a-y- too many brands and makes to list here.

What are seats called in a sports event?

They're usually just called .. 'seats'.

How to install civic seat covers?

You can either go to the auto parts store and just getting covers to place to the seats or you would have to go to a custom car shop to get the seats reupholstered . It will cost a few hundred dollars to get this done.

Who is someone who takes people to their seats?

In a wedding, these escorts are generally called ushers. At a restaurant, they are generally called a host or hostess. In random places, they can just be called an escort or usher.

Are most car seat covers one size fits all?

No they are not. Cadillac for example has cars like the CTS that have specially made seat covers for the seats because of the way the seats are made they would not fit a normal seat cover.