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10-20 years

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Q: What is penalty for first degree manslaughter in KY?
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What is robbery of the first degree?

What is the penalty for first degree robbery in ky.

What is penalty for wanton endangerment 2nd degree in KY?

5 years probation and $1000.00 fine

What is the penalty for second degree assault in Kentucky and can it be probated?

my husband got second degree assult for beating up a man for burning down our home and the other man did not get nothing because for burning our home because there is no real physical proof can 2nd degree assult be probated on those sercomstances it happened in olive hill ky

How much time for a escape of 2nd degree in Ky?

How much time for 2nd degree escape

What crimes result in a felony in Ky?

There are thousands of criminal offenses which carry a felony penalty in Kentucky, as in every other state.

Percentage of KY population with a bachelor's degree?

According to the United States Census Bureau, 19.3 % of Kentucky's population has a bachelor's degree or higher.

Where was the first bat made?

Louisville, ky.

What is generally the sentence for 4th degree assault minor injury in KY?

Not enough is known about the defendant, their past history, or the case, in order to make an educated guess. It amounts to a misdemeanor which is punishable by less than one year in jail and/or a monetary fine.

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Cities in Kentucky that begin with the letter "H". Hadley, KY Hagerhill, KY Haldeman, KY Halfway, KY Hallie, KY Hamlin, KY Hampton, KY Hanson, KY Happy, KY Hardburly, KY Hardin, KY Hardinsburg, KY Hardy, KY Hardyville, KY Harlan, KY Harned, KY Harold, KY Harrods Creek, KY Harrodsburg, KY Hartford, KY Hawesville, KY Hazard, KY Hazel, KY Hazel Green, KY Hebron, KY Heidelberg, KY Heidrick, KY Hellier, KY Helton, KY Henderson, KY Herndon, KY Hestand, KY Hi Hat, KY Hickman, KY Hickory, KY Hillsboro, KY Hima, KY Hindman, KY Hinkle, KY Hiseville, KY Hitchins, KY Hodgenville, KY Holland, KY Holmes Mill, KY Hope, KY Hopkinsville, KY Horse Branch, KY Horse Cave, KY Hoskinston, KY Huddy, KY Hudson, KY Hueysville, KY Hulen, KY Huntsville, KY Hustonville, KY Hyden, KY

What is the name of the first governor of KY?

isacc shelby

What state was the first baseball bat made in?

Louisville, KY

How many days does it take for mail to go from Greensburg KY to Louisville KY?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.