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The Scuttle

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Q: What is part of car between bonnet and windscreen called?
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What is the part of a car between the bonnet and windscreen called?

Usually called the bulkhead.

What is the part of a cars bodywork between the bonnet and windscreen called?

It is called the 'Scuttle panel' or the cowl.

What is the part of the car between the bonnet and the headlights called?

pedestrian.... preferably a coon

What part of a car is a bonnet IN BRITISH Slang?

The bonnet is what Americans call the hood of the car.

What is the part underneath the windshield washer reservoir?

It could be the windscreen washer motor

What part of a car do Americans call the hood?

The same part the British call the bonnet.

How do you set the windscreen wipers on a zafira?

VauxhallZafira"A" 00-05 all modelsBest to check both of these ways to save it happening again.1.Spindles.They may have shifted on the spindles and if so they will need to be set.Adjust the wiper arms sothat the distance betweenlower windscreen trim and the right wiper blade is 32 mm andthe distance between lower windscreen trim and left wiperblade is 88 mm.2.Linkage.Open bonnet and remove part of the black plastic cover.The linkage must be aligned so check to see if they are lined up between the two arrows in park position.All Zafira"A" passenger wiper blade will be on top.Some companies are selling 24" both sides and some 24" drivers side 22" passenger.I used the 24"/22"

What is a part of a circle between two points on a circle is called?

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Where is Ariel on VW Caddy van 55 Plate?

I have a 56 plate Caddy van and the aerial is part of the windscreen ie. a very fine wire set in between the laminated glass

What is the meaning of the idiom the bee had a part time job in people's bonnet's?

This is a funny saying - "bees in your bonnet" means that you are really distracted and scatter-brained. So it's saying that one of the "bees" is one of those in your "bonnet."

What does it mean to dream about an old car with an old bonnet?

The question is not clear. Because we receive questions from several English-speaking nations, "an old bonnet" might refer to either a man's hat, a woman's hat, or the part of the car covering the engine, called the hood in the U.S.

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