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It is a 70 Amp multipurpose relay.

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Q: What is part number F80B-14B192-AA Ford F250?
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1988 F250 where is number 1 firing position?

On the front part

What type of fluid goes in a 1996 ford F250 automatic transmission?

According to the 1996 Ford F-250 owners manual : Motorcraft MERCON automatic transmission fluid - Ford part number : XT - 2 - QDX Ford specification : MERCON ( for the C6 / 4R70W / E4OD automatic transmissions )

What part is the BFN14-12 or 1828565C1 unit in the Ford f250 diesel power stoke wiring?

glow plug control module

What themostat to use 96 f250?

190 degrees Fahrenheit ( the Motorcraft part number depends on which size engine you have )

Who makes the Ford f250 transmission?

Actually, your question displays part of the answer i.e. Ford. However, you can delve much deeper into the subject about Ford pickup trucks and powertrains by checking out this great Website:

1999 Ford Escort part number f8cf-12b581-bd?

this part is an old ccrm from a 2000 ford escort The new part number from Ford is 3s4z 12b577 ba.

What is the part number for headlights for a 2007 Ford Focus?

Part number is: HB5

What is the ford part number 913157?

It is a Relay.

What is Ford part number 19E616?

heater door actuator for Ford Explorer.

What is the Ford part number 17914aa?

it is a trim part from what i can gather (FORD BUMPER BODY MOULDING TRIM BLACK)

Where is the valve assembly part E5TZ 9189 A located on a 1989 Ford F250?

It is located on the drivers side frame rail under the back of the cab/end of the bed area.

What is the part number for a 1997 Ford Aspire parking light relay?

The part number for a 1997 Ford Aspire parking light relay is F6225. This is the part number under the AC Delco parts catalog, which is one of the few manufacturers of this part.