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Transformers are use to step up and step down the voltage of electricity. In a step up transformer, the voltage coming out is higher than the voltage going in so the output is the high side and the input the low side. In a step down transformer, the output is the low side.

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Q: What is meant by high and low voltage sides of transformers?
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Electrical Properties of Transformers why you use it?

Transformers are used to convert electricity from high voltage to low voltage and from low voltage to high voltage.

What are the advantages of power transformers over voltage transformers?

Power transformers can be used for power transformation. Voltage transformers are not suitable for high power applications.

How is electric current of high voltage made suitable for household consumption?

The voltage is reduced, in transformers.

How electric current of high voltage made suitable for household consumption?

The voltage is reduced, in Transformers.

What is the main advantages of potential transformer?

'Potential transformers' (US terminology) or 'voltage transformers' (UK terminology) are, together with 'current transformers', collectively called 'instrument transformers', and are used to safely measure/monitor voltages and currents in high-voltage systems.Potential transformers are used to reduce the voltage-level of a high-voltage circuit to a lower voltage which can then be read using an ordinary voltmeter; at the same time, it electrically-isolates the high-voltage system for the purpose of safety. Potential transformers, together with current transformers, can also be used to operate wattmeters, or to supply protective relays.

Why is high voltage a plus?

its because of transformers . they work with pulse

What are the uses of instrument?

The term, 'instrument transformer', is applied to current transformers and voltage transformers (known, in North America, as 'potential Transformers'). The primary windings of instrument transformers are connected to high-voltage systems, and their secondary windings provide outputs to measuring instruments or protective relays. They also provide isolation from the high-voltage system for the purpose of safety.

Why used transformer in subststion?

The substation is there to convert a high voltage to a lower voltage for electricity supply. Transformers are needed to do this.

Where are high voltage transformers use?

To answer this correctly, we must first ask what is "High Voltage". This can vary quite a bit in electrical engineering. If you are working on a circuit board, then "High Voltage" might be above 50 volts. These would be transformers used in circuit board power supplies. If you are working in Industrial Environment, then you might consider "High Voltage" to be 230 Volts and above. If you are working on power distribution in a facility, then it might be above 15,000 volts. If you are dealing with power transmission withing towns, or between cities, then it might be several hundred thousand volts.Now, to the answer. If you read the above correctly, you will find the answer for each level.AnswerThe electrical regulations in your country will define what is meant by 'high voltage'; for example, in the UK, 'high voltage' is clearly defined as being 'voltages exceeding 600 V a.c.' So a high-voltage transformer is one whose either winding is rated above 600 V.So, high-voltage transformers are either 'power transformers' (transformers used in the electricity transmission system) or 'distribution transformers' (transformers used in the electricity distribution system).Power tranformers may be 'step-up' or 'step-down', and are essential components in the electricity system, which can only work at very high voltages (in the UK, 400 or 275 kV). Distribution transformers are 'step-down' transformers -in the UK, for example, 11 kV is stepped down to 400/230 V for distribution to residences or commercial premises.

Can high voltage electricity be at home?

NO.No device or equipment at home are high voltage type. Hence it is not necessary to have HV at home.AnswerDevices that require high voltages, such as CRT television, electrostatic loudspeakers, etc., have transformers that increase the supply voltage to that voltage.

What are the advantages of instrument transformer?

'Instrument transformer' is the collective name for current transformers (CTs) and voltage (or 'potential') transformers (VTs/PTs). These transformers have two functions:to reduce the current or voltage in a high-voltage primary circuit to values that may be measured using regular ammeters or voltmeters ('burdens'), or to provide the current or voltage inputs to protection electrically-isolate their secondary burdens from the high-voltage primary circuit for the purpose of safety.

What devices use transformers?

Transformers are used to change the voltage in a circuit from high to low or from low to high. Some of the gadgets that use transformers include surround sound systems, the CPU power supply and speakers which have inbuilt amplifiers.