What is mean engine V8 4.7 L?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The internal combustion engine has 8 pistons. Two rows or "banks" of 4 pistons at an angle to each other to form a "V" shape. The displacement of the engine (the size of the combustion chambers of all piston cylinders added together for the entire engine) is 4.7 liters.

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Q: What is mean engine V8 4.7 L?
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What engine is in a1989 dodge ramcharger?

225 cu in (3.7 L) straight-six-engine318 cu in (5.2 L) v8-engine360 cu in (5.9 L) v8-engine440 cu in (7.2 L) v8-engine

What is the spark plug gap for a 1996 Ford F150 V8?

( .054 inch ) for the 5.0 L - V8 engine and ( .044 inch ) for the 5.8 L - V8 engine ( Helpfull )

Where is the Location of the Thermostat in a Dodge Dakota 2001 V8 47 L?

Check the hose from the radiator on the passenger side of the engine. It is in the housing where it meets the engine. facing the engine,it is on the lower part of the block,passenger side.

What size engine is in a 1996 xlt bronco?

You could have either the 5.0 L - V8 or the 5.8 L - V8 engine in a 1996 Ford Bronco

What type of transmission came in a 1997 ford expedition 4x4?

The 4R70W with the 4.6 L - V8 engine and the E4OD with the 5.4 L - V8 engine

What to set gap on spark plugs 2000 Ford Expedition?

4.6 L - V8 engine ( .054 inch ) 5.4 L - V8 engine - L and Z engine codes ( .054 inch ) 5.4 L - V8 engine - M engine code ( natural gas .044 inch ) The engine code is the 8th " character " of your VIN according to motorcraft . com

What kind of engine fits in a 1989 caprice brougham?

5.0 L V8. The 5.7 L V8 will also fit.

Is the 5.7 L V8 engine a big block?


What size engine is in a 92 caprice?

The 1992 Chevrolet Caprice came with three different engines that year. The 4.3 L L99 V8, the 5.0 L L03 V8, and the 5.7 L L05 V8. The 1994 Caprice also came with the 5.7 L V8 called the LT1 which was a Corvette engine. This was the choice of many police departments. This engine was not available in the 1992 model.

How many quarts of oil for a 2004 Ford F150?

WITH ENGINE OIL FILTER CHANGE : 4.2 L - V6 engine ( 6 quarts ) 4.6 L - V8 engine ( 6 quarts ) 5.4 L - 3V - V8 engine ( 7 quarts )

What size motor is a 4.6?

A 4.6 L has a V8 ========================================================= Ford says that their 4.6 L V8 engine is ( 281 cubic inches )

What is the oil capacity of Chevy 6.0 liter engine?

Engine Oil with Filter * 4800 V8; 5300 V8; 6000 V8 * 6.0 qt * 5.7 L