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2014 corvette

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Q: What is luxury tax on a new vehicle in Massachusetts?
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If you live in tax-free New Hampshire and purchase a car in Massachusetts do you have to pay Massachusetts sales taxes?

From the Motor Vehicle Sales & Use Tax section at http://www.mass.govMotor Vehicle Purchases in Massachusetts by Nonresidents: If a nonresident of Massachusetts purchases a motor vehicle in Massachusetts and takes title to and/or possession of the vehicle in Massachusetts, the sale is subject to the Massachusetts sales/use tax irrespective of whether the nonresident intends to use the motor vehicle within or outside Massachusetts.You have 20 days in which to pay the MA sales tax (6.25 percent in 2012) to avoid penalties and interest, not to mention criminal charges for tax evasion.

Tax on luxury cars?

I believe any non-commercial vehicle over $50,000 or $55,000 in the USA has the tax.

Mlb building new stadium rules for luxury tax?

My question is; If the new York Yankees are building a new stadium with their own money do they still pay a luxury tax on their payroll?

Are shoes taxed sales tax when purchased in Massachusetts?

There is no sales tax on shoes in MA. There is however a luxury tax for items over $175. You pay tax only on the amount over $175.

What is California's luxury tax?

no their is no luxury tax in California anymore.

What is the rate for Luxury Tax?

The luxury tax is a tax on luxury goods, which are products considered not essential for living. The luxury is levied at different rates depending on the price of the product.

What amount luxury tax in Massachusetts on a dress that costs 238?

6.25% on the dollar amount over $175, so therefore 6.25% on $63.

How much is the luxury tax in ct?

Luxury tax adds 15% to your total cost. For instance, a $600 pair of jeans would be taxed an additional $30 for luxury tax.

How do you calculate luxury tax?

sale package 10000 so what amount we will calculate in luxury tax & what is the reason

Is there such thing as a luxury tax?

Yes, but it is not always called a luxury tax; it may be called a surcharge, an excise tax, or something else entirely. It is generally triggered by the purchase of a "non-essential" (luxury) item (such as a yacht, private jet, or a high-end motor vehicle), and requires the buyer to pay taxes on the purchase at a higher overall tax rate than the rate he would have to pay if he had purchased a non-luxury item. An extra tax surcharge is imposed on all or part of the purchase price of a luxury item (and the tax laws define what constitutes a "luxury" item). Some states impose a "luxury" tax on the purchase of cars that get too few miles to the gallon, apparently because the buyer can afford all the extra fuel he'll need to operate the car.

What is the luxury tax in baseball?

The luxury tax threshold for 2008 is $155 million. For 2009 it is $162 million.

Does Florida have a luxury tax?