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Q: What is it called when a car is used by a messenger service what type is it?
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In what year did Google release their messenger service?

The Google Messenger service was introduced in July of 1999 and came out under the name of MSN Messenger. In 2012, Microsoft stated that Windows Live Messenger would no longer be used.

What does messenger mean on Hotmail?

messenger is an instant messaging service built into hotmail now. it used to have to be installed.

During viral protein synthesis what type of genetic molecule is used?

Messenger RNA

What is a good messenger to be used for mac?

A good messenger service to be used for mac would be MSN Messenger or Microsoft Messenger for MAC. There are several other services that you could use for MAC depending on your personal preferences and needs.

What is it called when your the one who is sent by god?

Words that are used in this context include "messenger" and "prophet".

What type of genetic molecule is used by viruses to make viral proteins?

Messenger RNAMessenger RNA

What is the name of the Messenger application used by BlackBerry?

There are many famous Messenger applications for mobile phones as a replacement for the SMS texts. It all started with the PING! service, offered by RIM in the Blackberry phones.

When was Yahoo Messenger online first activated?

The first public version of this messenger service began to be available on March 9, 1998. Since then it has grown in popularity and is used by thousands of people around the world.

What services are offered by Hotmail?

Hotmail no longer exists as it was. It used to offer free email service and a messenger/chat service. It is now owned by Microsoft and has been integrated into there services.

Which type of medical service reimbursement is least used today?

fee for service

What is an messenger that is used for chatting?

Skype is an example of a popular messenger used for chatting. Others include Yahoo Messenger, AIM, and Google Talk.

What do bearer service acess attributes specify?

The channel type used for a connection. The protocols used to request a particular service.