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Headlights or parking lights are on, or keys are in the ignition

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2012-07-16 01:04:28
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Q: What is indicated when you open your vehicle door and hear a buzzer?
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Where in the dash is the flasher located?

Most are between the door and the steering column, under the dashboard. An easy way to find the flasher is to turn on the key, turn on the flasher and follow the noise. You may have to hold the button to the door buzzer and click the seat belt to shut up the buzzer otherwise you might not be able to hear the click of the turn signal flasher.

Why wont your 97 Town Car Turn Over?

Do your headlights work or if you open the drivers door with the keys in the ignition do you hear a warning buzzer or chime . If not , it sounds like a poor battery connection or a dead battery

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