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HSBC Auto is a auto financing company for car dealerships. They may be contacted by phone, written mail or online.They work closly with their partners to insure financing for those who qualify.

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Q: What is hsbc auto and how can you contact them?
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How can one get in contact with HSBC concerning an auto loan?

One may get in contact with HSBC by calling their hotline. HSBC also has a email address that is available if calling them in not an option. HSBC also has a mailing address.

Are there other ways of getting in contact with hsbc auto finance company?

There are ways to contact hsbc auto finance. You could start by going on their website, they have a button that says "contact hsbc." If you click it, you would get access to a series of phone numbers. You should dial 1.800.898.5999 for customer service.

What is the hometown of hsbc auto?

HSBC originated in the former British colony of Hong Kong and then one month later in Shangai. HSBC Auto is just another service that HSBC bank offers.

What is the current interest rate for HSBC Auto?

HSBC Auto offers auto loans to customers with poor credit. The firm was founded in 1995. The average interest rate on HSBC Auto loans is between 20 and 28 percent.

Is HSBC Auto Finance program available at all local dealerships?

Yes, the HSBC Auto Finance program is available at local dealerships, however I don't know if it's available at ALL dealerships, the best bet would be to contact the dealer you would be going to and ask.

Who is the Best auto refinance company?


Why did HSBC Auto go out of business?

HSBC Finance decided to sell their auto loan department to reduce their activity but they still continue to uphelp previously signed contracts.

Does hsbc offer comparable auto insurance rates?

Yes, HSBC Auto offers comparable auto insurance rates to other major insurance companies. You can call their 1-800 number or you can even apply online at their website.

How can one come in contact with HSBC internet banking?

One can come into contact with HSBC internet banking by visiting the HSBC official website. There one can log into their personal or business account. One can also download an app for iPad and Android.

What is HSBC auto finance interest cost?

It depends on your credit rating. If you have an excellent credit rating then you will be able to get a low rate from HSBC auto finance. If you have a lower credit rating your interest rate will be higher.

What are the advantages of using HSBC Auto for repairs?

HSBC Auto offers competitive pricing and twelve months of guaranteed repairs. Another advantage is that they include roadside assistance and 24-hour accident and recovery service.

Why is hsbc auto good for you?

HSBC Auto is a beneficial company because their father company has been around for decades and has an excellent reputation and they offer excellent rates on loans. However, the company no longer exists anymore.