What is gvrw?

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GVRW or (Gross Vehicle Rated Weight), is how much weight a vehicle is designed to carry. The GVRW includes the net weight of the vehicle, plus the weight of passengers, fuel, cargo and any additional accessories towed, or a configuration of both. The GVRW is a safety standard used to prevent overloading and exceeding the performance capabilities the vehicle is rated. GVRW: Gross Vehicle Rated Weight Maximum load capacity of a vehicle.

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Q: What is gvrw?
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What is the gvrw on a 2011 1500 series suburban?

Look on the driver's door.

How much does 2001 Kia Sportage weigh?

GVRW 4,277 lbs. 2 wheel drive version.

What is the curb weight on an MCI PreVost and VanHool bus?

Vanhool T2100 series GVWR is 50,700 lbs so estimated curb weight is about 17.85 Tons. Prevost H series GVRW is 53,000 lbs. so estimated curb weight is about 19 TONS. MCI J series GVRW is 54,000 lbs. so estimated curb weight is about 19.5 TONS.

Reference trailers GVRW stand for?

GVWR is the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. This is the weight of an empty vehicle plus the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle recommended by the manufacturer

How much does a 2008 Toyota tundra crew max 4 wheel drive 5.7 liter weigh?

GVWR/Curb Standard 7200/5625: GVRW/Curb Limited 7200/5645:

Where can you find the weight of a vehicle?

On the drivers side door jamb there is a metal plate stamped with your VIN # and other info including your GVRW (Gross vehicle rated weight) which will tell your your maximum loaded vehicle weight, including all allowed passenger and cargo.

How much does a 1991 Chevy Camaro weigh?

mine weighs just under 3600. gvrw is 4200 or around there, that's fully loaded, 4 passengers, all fluids topped off. full tank of gas that kinda stuff. curb weight is less, like i said, around 3600. or less.

What is the bed capacity of a Ford F-150?

No year, no other information, not much help. It should show on the sticker on your drivers door post. Your looking for the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating). Subtract your truck Curb weight (full tank of gas and any luggage or passengers) from the GVRW and that is about what you can carry. For example, my F-150 2x is around 3800 lbs empty. My GVRW is 5500 lbs, that leaves me with around ~1700 lbs that I can carry in the bed, (passengers, fuel and other sundry items included in that 1700 lbs). Be aware tho, that the GVRW is with the stock wheel and tire sizes that came with the truck from the factory. All tires now come with a recommended max weight capacity for each tire so that can also be a deciding factor. Every vehicle can be different because of the extra options that may have been added at the factory, larger motor, 4x4, tow package, auto transmission, larger wheel/tires, axle ratio, etc, can change it by quite a bit. The sticker is Fords recommended weights, it is a compromise on reliability and safety. Can you haul more, probably. As long as you use your head and common sense on what exactly your doing.

How much does a 1992 Chevy Silverado weigh?

Look on your drivers door panel. You will see the GVRW, which is the weight of the vehicle if it were loaded to its rated capacity. Based on this, you can get a pretty close guess, by subtracting the rated payload capacity (i.e. 1000 lbs for a half-ton). This will be rough, but close probably as close as me telling you what mine weighs (which is about 5200 lbs - 2001 ex-cab). The other option: take it to a scale. They are at every truckstop and often at the local dump. Hope this helps...

What could be a reason why a 1996 Chevy S10 blazer only gets 14 mpg?

The most common answer for this are (2) reasons. A. The S series vehicles are a heavy vehicle period. Look on your door to verify the GVRW. I believe mine {98 Extended cab, V-6 5 speed manual transmission} checks in at the 4200lb area. And B. Maintence... When I say maintence I dont mean only oil chages. Lets start off like this: Dirty/blocked air filter, restricted air intake passage, Dirty injectors {have them flushed out, dont simply add injector cleaner, the BIG factory mechanical fan, A/C, Low electrical output, or high current draw on something, under inflated tires Oil changes, engine oil flush, Transmission fluid/filter change/flush, Wheel bearing drying out, brake pads squeal {metal on metal is friction}, Carring excess cargo {i.e Crap} around. Those are some symptoms to consider. But overall, the V6 in these vehicles were never gas sipper's anyhow. Considering how today's V8's are a rival on that but utalizing displacemt on demand {formerly GM's version of cutting 4 pistons off}, and hybrids {which I dont like}. Overall go with a Diesel. More power, less fuel consumption, and longevity. Erik

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