What is great car mileage?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The cut off point would have to be 100,000 Miles, that is when the car is basically ready for the scrapyard. If you get a car that's between 30-50 thousand miles, that'd be great. Anything lower would be better, but you'd probably have to pay more.

More miles = Cheaper the car, more used.

Less miles = More expensive, less used.

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Q: What is great car mileage?
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What is a good sentence using the word mileage?

My car has SUPER great mileage! It has the best mileage ever!

What SUV has the best car mileage?

You can get great mileage with this car; but, when you do choose the SUV, you are going to want to choose one that is eco friendly and a hybrid model car.

Best car value for 15000.00?

2008 Honda Civic. Great automobile. Dependable, great mileage, roomy, great resale value, and in a car at around $15,000 there is no better.

Do you get better gas mileage by car if you use higher octane gas?

Yes, higher octane gas does give higher gas mileage for your car. However, the increase in gas mileage may not as great as the increase in the price of the higher octane gas.

What is the highest rated budget car?

The highest rated budget car is currently the prius. It gets great mileage and is very affordable...

Is 138676 good mileage on a car?

If the car was taken care of and serviced regularly then this is not really high mileage. It is not low mileage either. Expect to spend money on some repairs on a car with this mileage. If the car has been neglected then this is high mileage.

What is the mileage of car?

The mileage is how many miles the car has travelled, the total mileage is shown on the speedometer dial.

Is the 2012 Ford Fusion a good car?

The ford fusion is a great car. It is sleek and stylish a very safe. It also has great mileage, it gets around 34 mpg. This car has many great features that you wont be disappointed with

What is car mileage?

Car mileage is the distance a car can travel on a tank of gas. This mileage is also the number of miles on a car at any given time and is registered by an odometer.

What is the best car to purchase for the best gas mileage?

A car that has great gas mileage is the Toyota Prius. It is said to get over 45 highways miles to the gallon and over 40 miles to the gallon in city miles.

What is the function of car mileage?

The function of car mileage is to tell a person how far their car has traveled total.

Choosing Unlimited Mileage When Renting a Car?

Unlimited mileage may seem like a great idea when renting a car, but it is important to know that certain restrictions and fees may apply. Rental companies may allow unlimited mileage only on weekdays or within the state where the car is rented, so careful consideration of how the car will actually be used is important.