What is distilled water good for?

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The main everyday uses, are to fill steam irons and top up car batteries.

Laboratories also use it where water needs to be added to some experiment.

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Q: What is distilled water good for?
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Can you put only water in your engine coolant bottle?

Yes, it is best to use distilled water and the anti-freeze has to be replaced before it gets too cold.!

What is used of distal water?

Distilled water is the preferred liquid to refill automotive batteries that have been in service a while. While some batteries are sealed tops and cannot be serviced, there are still some batteries with accessible cells. Use distilled water in a proper battery service dispenser to avoid overfilling. Distilled water is preferred because it lacks the chemicals and impurities found in ordinary tap water that can shorten a battery's life. Sulphuric acid should never be added to a battery that has already been placed in service. The pH level of the acid is too high for anything other than a brand new virgin battery. And as always, safety first! Gloves, goggles and apron.

How much antifreeze should i put in my frontera 2.0 sport petrol?

A mixture of 1/2 distilled water 1/2 antifreeze to the full line of the radiator overflow container.

How much antifreeze do you need for a Nissan cabstar?

Pour in a 50/50 mix of the correct type antifreeze and distilled water. Your owners manual will list the total capacity and proper coolant to use.

Why does antifreeze come out when the car is hot?

It has expanded as far as it can inside of the engine so it has to go somewhere! See if you have enough anti frez ( what till the engine cools down first ) or make sure if the mixture of water/anti frez is correct 30% water to 70% anti freeze . Check your thermostat. If the coolant is coming out of a weep-hole on your water pump, pump is bad. Check the hose clamps, soft hoses. plug up radiator, heater core. Even if you have had service done on your car, you may have and air pocket in your system, they didn't burp the system right, take it back. also make sure the antifreeze, "if a mix yourself fluid" has distilled water mixed with it. distilled water has a higher boiling rate than water with impurities, thus preventing boil out.

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What is the value of hardness in good distilled water?

There is no hardness is distilled water.

Is distilled water good or not and why?

Well it's good and bad so u got to combine distilled with tap water :D

Can you put regular water in the battery instead of distilled water?

Not a good idea. Distilled water is non conductive, whereas non distilled water contains conductive minerals.

Is Distilled water is conductor?

Absolutely pure water (distilled is a good example) is a very poor conductor of electricity. With just a bit of dissolved minerals it becomes a good conductor, but not when distilled.

Does the wet bulb thermometer on a WBGT have to be wetted with distilled water?

It doesn't have to be distilled. A good reading can be obtained with tap water,

Can you use distilled water in a goldfish tank?

The goldfish need dissolved Oxygen in water, without it they will die. So, the answer to your question is No, Distilled water is not good for Goldfish.

Is distilled water good for car radiators?

Distilled water IS good for radiators. In fact, manufacturers recommend using nothing but distilled water to mix with antifreeze. Tap water contains minerals, which can promote corrosion. So tap water should be used in a cooling system only in case of an emergency.

Are there any difference between distilled water used for batteries and distilled water used for terbine washing?

No, distilled water is distilled water.

Is distilled water homogenous?

Distilled water is a homogeneous liquid.

What type of water is difficult to find because water is a good solvent?

Pure distilled water.

Use of distilled water?

Most common uses of distilled water are, >On cars batterries. >On steam irons. >And mostly in hospitals. Distilled water is used because its clean and does harms stuff,unlike tap water. Most common uses of distilled water are, >On cars batterries. >On steam irons. >And mostly in hospitals. Distilled water is used because its clean and does harms stuff,unlike tap water.

Is distilled water a carbohydrate?

No, distilled water is simply water.

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