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the construction is different, each have pros and cons

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Q: What is difference between radial tire and nylon tire?
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What is the difference between a radial tire and a normal tire?

A radial tire is different from a normal tire in that a radial tires athatre built to last longer. The main difference is that radial tire have wires or cords that radiate at a 90-degree angle from the tire rim.

What is the difference between a PCR tire and a TBR tire?

PCR: Passenger Car Radial TBR: Truck and Bus Radial A TBR tire can handle a heavier load than a PCR tire, and it's usually bigger.

What is the difference between 23.5-25 and 23.5R25 tires?

23.5-25 is bias ply tire 23.5r25 is radial tire

What are the differences between radial and bias ply tubes?

Bias tires were the standard until the radial tire became the norm. The difference is in how they are constructed. Bias tires were typically constructed of 4 plys that run at angles to each other and the body of the tire and cross each other. Radial tires have the belts at a 90-degree angle to the tire, and the belts overlap rather than cross each other. Radial tires have another belt, usually of steel cord, running around the tire under the tread. Radial construction allows the sidewall of the tire to flex under loads without affecting the contact of the tread with the road unlike a bias tire that flexes very little. It is this flexing that requires you to use a radial tube in a radial tire. The tube is designed to handle the flexing without overheating as a bias tibe would.

Is it safe to use radial tube with non-radial tire?

You can use a radial tube in a bias ply tire BUT you can not use a bias tube in a radial tire. The sidewall flex of a radial tire is greater than that of a bias ply. A bias tube cannot flex as rapidly as a radial tube and so the resulting friction or rubbing create too much heat and the tire/tube combination will blow.

Which type tire is better for an explorer bias or radial?

Radial is better.

What is a Difference between a bias - ply tire and a radial tire?

Radial tires are worlds beyond bias ply tires. In radial tires, the steel chords are placed in a criss-cross pattern. Whereas bias ply tires are placed flat across the face of the tire. Bias ply tires are much, much harder for the engine to turn and are much harder for the suspension to compensate for. Bias ply tires are almost no longer used. That goes for America at least.

Is a tire radial symmetry?


What is the difference between 255 70R16 and 245 75R16?

255 70 r16255 millimeters of tread width, sidewall 70% of 255 (178.5mm), radial tire, 16 inch rim245 75 r16245 mm of tread width, sidewall 75% of 245 (183.75), radial tire, 16 inch rim.255 70 r16255 millimeters of tread width, sidewall 70% of 255 (178.5mm), radial tire, 16 inch rim245 75 r16245 mm of tread width, sidewall 75% of 245 (183.75), radial tire, 16 inch rim.

What is the difference between bias and radial tires?

The difference is in the way the body cords are put in the tire . A bias tire has the body cords (plies) on an an angle (bias) to each other. A radial tire has the body plies running parallel. The advantage of a radial tire is that it runs cooler, making it last longer. A bias tire does not "bulge" at the bottom so it is not as prone to be damaged as easly to curb scuffing.There are two types of tires mostly used in cars and commercial vehicles: Radial and Bias.Bias Ply tire: This type of tire has diagonal or bias plies. These plies crisscross. This makes tire strong in all directions because of the plies overlap.Radial ply tire: In a radial tire, the ply cords run in the radial direction. The plies run parallel to each other and vertical to the tire bead. Stabilizer belts are applied over the plies to give extra strength parallel to beads.Now we look at advantages of radial tire over a bias tire:Good high speed capacityLonger lasting and Longer tread life (Up to30%- 50% longer)Steel Belted - Results in tougher overall constructionBetter floatation ,larger contact area wider footprintLow heat build-up or run coolerLower rolling resistanceBetter Fuel EconomyBetter stabilityWear resistantSmoother, more quiet rideDisadvantage of radial tire over a bias tire:More prone to puncturing at side wallsSide wall bulgingMore difficult to repairHigher purchase priceHeavier steering at low speeds but power steering facility is there so it is acceptable.So mostly in all modern cars radial tires are used.

Does a radial tire have radial symmetry?

Yes it does cuz it is equal on both sides.

Is it safe to put an inner tube in a radial car tire?

if the tube is radial too