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Leaded gas was used back in the days because it increases the octane rating of the gasoline and reduces whats called an "engine knock", basically it burns slower or less violently in the combustion chamber for a smoother combustion, however, leaded gas has lead particles in it which will stick to engine parts and come out into the air through the exhaust which is bad for modern emission controls like catalytic converters, and your lungs if you breath those lead particles... So they took the lead out of gasoline and put other anti-knock fuel additives with a smoother, "cleaner" burn like ethanol etc etc...

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Q: What is difference between leaded and unleaded petrol?
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How do you tell difference between leaded and unleaded petrol in a can?

I don't think there is a way to visually tell the difference between leaded and unleaded fuel. However, leaded gasoline has become "extinct" and it is more likely that you have unleaded gasoline in the can.

What are substitutes of leaded petrol?


Advantages using unleaded petrol for cars?

in petrol we have 2 types.they are 1.leaded petrol 2.unleaded petrol in leaded petrol we have lead compounds so we call it as leaded petrol. in unleaded petrol we do not have lead compounds. the use or advantage of unleaded petrol is it does not emit harmful gases in to the environment. but leaded petrol emits harmful gases. cracking process takes place in unleaded petrol. cracking means it is a process of converting harmful gases into harmless gases. but this cracking process cannot be done in leaded petrol bcoz lead compounds decomposes the catylsts used in cracking process

What is the difference between unleaded and leaded gas?

leaded gas has lead in it, unleaded does not Leaded petrol (or gas as you Americans quaintly call it) contained a chemical called Lead Tetraethyl to improve its performance. It was then discovered that the amount of lead given out by cars (or automobiles) was making city air dangerous to breathe and so its use has been forbidden. All petrol/gas is now unleaded and "green". Car engines have needed to be redesigned to allow them to burn the unleaded fuel.

Does a Honda CRX Del Sol use leaded or unleaded petrol?

Unleaded Premium

Why is unleaded petrol better for the environment?

the reason unleaded is used today is because people got lead poisoning from leaded gasoline. theres not much difference environmental wise.

What is the difference between unleaded gas and petrol?

Unleaded gas is petrol. In some countries they call it petrol and in others it is called gasoline or gas.

What year did leaded petrol start in Britain?

1998 I think you mean what year did unleaded petrol start in Britain.

What about leaded petrol into a unleaded car?

boom...thats what you get...dummie Leaded fuel would ruin the O2 sensors and the catalytic converters.

Should you use leaded or unleaded petrol in 1985 1100 Shadow?

Unleaded, most vehicles manufactured post 1983, particularly Japanese are made to run on Unleaded

What is the difference between leaded and un-leaded petrol?

Leaded fule has real lead in it, because the valves or piston rings needed this extra lead for lubrication. Usually it is older cars that use leaded fuels, such as cars made before 1996. Any vehicle equipped with a catalytic converter cannot use leaded fuel.

How will a Leaded petrol fuelled car be affected if Unleaded Petrol is used?

The valves, particularly the exhaust valves, will become damaged quite quickly