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The amount a dealer has paid to a vendor, not taking into account any other costs, such as flooring costs.

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Q: What is dead cost in reference to car dealers?
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What is the pecent that dealers are often willing to bargain between on their profit margin?

Dealers can actually sell the car at cost and still make a profit. They get a kickback from the manufacture based on the number of cars sold in a year.Dealers can actually sell the car at cost and still make a profit. They get a kickback from the manufacture based on the number of cars sold in a year.

Do car dealers do buy backs?

Some car dealers will do a buy back. This will vary between dealers and their policies on if they do buy backs or not.

How car dealers coordinate with car insurance to tie up with them?

Car Dealers are not coordinated or tied to Insurance Companies.

What will be the cost of goods sold for a car dealer?

If you make or buy goods to sell, you can deduct the cost of goods sold from your ... An automobile dealer must record the cost of a car in inventory reduced. A car dealers cost of goods sold is the price they paid for the car plus any improvements or repairs that were added to the inventory value.

Where are some good car seat dealers in the UK?

Some good car seat dealers are located in London. There are over 100 car seat dealers in the city. The dealers provide a wide range of car seats in many different colors.

How much does a 2002 cobra car cost?

Try using eBay or craigslist as a reference

Where can one purchase a Ford Escort MK1?

A Ford Escort MK1 can be purchased from many car dealers that have the car for sale. Websites such as Car Dealers and Auto Traders will help people find dealers that have this car.

What is a dealer holdback?

Back when car companies were first getting started they did not have the money to produce cars and have them sitting around waiting to be purchased by dealers. The would have the dealers pay up front before the car was built. The price they had them pay for the car was more than the cost and when the dealer sold the car they would send them back the overage or hold back. Although dealers no longer have to pay for a car before it is built they still pay more than the car costs. Just like in the beginning when the car is sold the manufacturer will give the dealer back their held money. This is a way for dealers to keep a steady cash flow as long as they are selling cars even if they sell one or two at true cost.

What car dealers accept customers with bad credit?

There are many car dealers that accept customers with bad credit. An example of these car dealers include DriveTime. Websites such as Auto Trader also help customers find car dealers in their local area that accept bad credit.

Do car dealers have to warrant and register the car your buying?


How much does unlimited mile cost in a rental car?

It can cost as cheap as $9 to $25. It depends where you go to rent out a car. I would ask the rental dealer first. It shouldn't be too expensive. If it's too much look at other car rental dealers.

How might one find the best rate for on a car finance loan?

The best bet when looking for the best rate for a car finance loan is to shop around. Look for what local banks or car dealers are offering and then cross reference with sources online or out of town.