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Kelley Blue Book

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Q: What is considered the industry pricing standard for vehicles?
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Where can information on how much a used vehicle is worth be found?

The Kelly Blue Book is the accepted standard for pricing vehicles in the United States. It includes all mass produced vehicles available here in the USA.

What is considered the industry pricing stand for vehicles?

Each manufacture sets their own price. It is called the Manufacture Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). Competition among manufactures helps to keep the price as low as possible, but they can price the vehicle at any price they choose.

Where can one find pricing information on used 2005 Pontiac GTO's?

To find pricing on a used 2005 Pontiac GTO, go to Kelly Blue Book. They are the standard used by dealers and buyers for what is fair pricing for used vehicles. They will list prices for a vehicle based on condition and age.

What is retail pricing?

What is considered to be current keystone pricing rate

How does a wholesaler set their pricing from the manufacturer?

Standard pricing for the wholesaler is purchase cost from the manufacturer plus 40%.

What is pricing practices in managenerial economics?

The pricing practices in managerial economics refers to what type of price strategy an industry is having in the market.A pricing strategy followed by an industry depends up on the present market conditions and importantly upon the objectives of an industryan industry can follow :- Nonprofit maximisation having object of sales maximisationlimit pricingprice discriminationnon managerial pricingmulti product pricingpeak load pricingtransfer pricing

What are pricing objectives of FMCGs Services industry and Nonprofit Organizations?

Pricing objective is the main component of pricing process. For FMCGs Services industry and Nonprofit Organizations you have to consider, financial, marketing and strategic objectives of the company, the objectives of your product, Price elasticity, available resources.

Example of ethical standards within the beauty industry?

ehtic in pricing

What is meant by competitive pricing?

The concept behind this frequently used pricing objective is to simply match the price established by an industry leader for a particular product.

Who controls pricing in the rail industry?

Railroads largely control their pricing; changes, however, must be approved by the STB and, if they are, the railroad is not subject to antitrust regulations.

What is leg based prising system?

Leg-based pricing refers to a type of pricing system used in the aviation industry. It involves pricing based on your 'leg,' or your beginning and ending destination, along a route that is already defined.

What products are sold at gmccom?

This is the official website for the General Motors Corporation. The page lists the vehicles available through GMC. It also has information on pricing and features of the vehicles they offer.