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corn starch

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Self raising flour

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Q: What is commonly used as a lubricant in srs airbags?
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What are srs airbags?

SRS (Supplemental Restraint System).

1996 dodge avenger what is a SRS light?

srs safety restraint system....airbags bro airbags

What is the srs light?

SRS, supplemental/safety restraint system. includes airbags, seatbelts

What are airbags also called?

Airbags are also called: Supplemental Restraint System (SRS)

Ford-150-truck-does it have airbags?

it depends on the year. if it does then you will find the letters SRS or AIRBAG on the panels where the airbags are Yes it has 4 airbags.

What is the full form of SRS airbags?

Supplemental Restraint System

What is the srs light on the car dash?

Safety restraint system (airbags and seatbelts).

What is a mustang srs gt?

If your seeing the srs on the dash most likely on the passenger side it stands for "safety restraint system" In other words, AIRBAGS. there is no such trim model as srs gt.

What does SRS stand for with vehicles?

SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint System. Airbags are considered supplemental restraints because seat belts are the primary means of restraint in a motor vehicle and airbags are an added layer of protection in the event of accident.

What is a srs light in dodge avenger?

Safety restraint system, airbags and seat belts.

What does SRS light mean on mg zs?

SRS stands for Supplemental Restraint System which is the airbags which you should get diagnosed soon as possible because it is the safety

What does SRS button mean?

The SRS has to do with your airbag system. There is a problem that may make your airbags not work properly. THis problem needs to be checked out by the Honda dealership.