What is car audio career name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Most call ourselves a Mobile A/V installer

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Q: What is car audio career name?
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What is the name for a career working on car audio?

Depending on the actual job in car audio, you may consider something like "Automotive Electronics Specialist" or "Aftermarket Electronics Technician." If the job includes selling the products/services, "Sales Engineer-Aftermarket Electronics" or "Automotive Electronics Consultant" might be more appropriate.

What is a marine car audio?

Marine Audio would be for a boat or jet ski, not for a car. There is no "marine car audio"

Where could one find car audio wholesale?

One can find wholesale car audio by visiting the eBay website. One can also find wholesale car audio by visiting Onlinecarstereo and Car Audio Discount.

When was the MTX Audio company founded?

MTX Audio company was founded in 1979 by Loyd Ivey with the original name Matrecs. It is an American company manufacturing sound equipment like car audio, home audio etc.

How do you convert an 8 ohm car audio amp to a 2 ohm car audio amp?

you dont

My car has audio out at DVD speakers but you could not get audio out from car speakers?

you need to buy and install an rf adaptor

How many watts is the Legacy Car Audio LBP22 Subwoofer?

The Legacy Car Audio LBP22 is 1200 watts.

Where can one find car audio equipment?

You can find car audio equipment from several retailers such as Walmart and Auto Zone. Online retailers such as eBay and Amazon also offer car audio products.

Where can one buy a Pyle car audio system?

It is possible to purchase Pyle car audio systems online. Retailers include eBay, which has a number of listings ,, and Finsbur Car Audio.

What does the website DirectCarAudio offer?

The Direct Car Audio website offers products and services related to car audio such as Speakers, Amps and Stereo Systems. You can learn more about these products at the Direct Car Audio website.

How does one become a car audio installer?

You can become a car audio installer by graduating from a technical school that offers courses in the field. Keep in mind that you will have to pass the MECP exam to install car audio systems.

From where can one purchase an in-dash car audio system?

There are many places where one can purchase an in-dash car audio system. One can go to a car audio specialist, a large electronics retailer or from sites such as Amazon.