What is better low or high rpms?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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lower rpms use less gas higher rpms have more power

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Q: What is better low or high rpms?
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If the transmission is in need of service will it cause the car to idle and run rough at low rpms yet run smooth at high rpms?


How much horsepower does a cold air intake add to a BMW 530I?

Almost none whatsoever at low RPMs and maybe 5-10 h.p. at high RPMs.

Why does your rpm get low when you turn the air on?

i have audi tt and low rpms the air gets cold but at 2000 rpms it get warm

Why are your RPMs high and your speed low with your 2003 VW Jetta 1.8T manual tranny?

I gotta go with clutch on this one. Eventually, your RPMs will be high and your speed will be none. Have this looked at as soon as possable. It's a pretty big job but worth it on these cars.

Is accuracy better high or low?


Does the electric super charger work?

No. the electric super charger does not spin fast enough to push the amount of air an engine needs at high RPMs. At low RPMs the charger may help but will hurt more than help at high RPMs. it does work for the lower rpms just like a supercharger evn if you can produce 4lbs and it will lose power and higher rpms just like a regular rotary style blower its designed for thos lower rpms. they work great for musle cars because the have the low end torque to move the pulley but at higher rpm it loses boost steadly same with the electric supercharger.

What makes an automatic engine sound like its in low gear at high speed?

theres no specific sound it all depends on your RPMS

What wire connection better high or low resistance?

Usually low resistance is better.

Are Low Rise Thongs or Waist High Thongs better?

Low rise are better

Is high acid water better for your hair or low?

low burn your hair with high

Are high RPMs bad for 2000 eclipse gt?

If you do not reach the read zone in your RPM scale, you are fine. Just make sure that you are using a good coolant and thermostat. I would even use low opening temperature thermostat if you like to drive with high RPMs often.

Which is better a high Hz or a low Hz?

Low hz