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they all have approximately the same energy content -about 114,000 BTU/gal. varies somewhat depending on the fuel blend for differnent times of the year and area of the country, winter fuels a little less & summer fuels a little more

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Q: What is average BTU content vs octane rating of gasoline 85 87 89 and 91?
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How much octane rating of the gasoline?

There are many different grades of gasoline, each with a different octane rating. Early gasoline had very low octane in many cases, from the 1920s to the 1970s octane rating was improved by adding a highly poisonous chemical called tetraethyl lead and ranged from about 90 to 110 octane, most modern cars can run on 87 octane unleaded (now considered "regular" grade gasoline), "premium" grade gasoline is around 90 to 92 octane unleaded, airplane gasoline is typically 130 octane leaded.

What is octane when talking about gasoline?

Octane refers to a sort of rating when talking about it in relation to gasoline. High octane rated gasoline can be compressed more tightly without spontaneously combusting.

What is Low Octane Gasoline?

Fuel for gasoline engines which posesses a low octane rating using the R+M/2 method.

What are uses of iso-octane?

ISO-octane, or 2, 2, 4-Trimethylpentane is mainly used in the production of gasoline. When added, it reduces engine knocking. The addition of ISO-octane is what is referred to when a gasoline's octane rating is referred to, and a 100 rating is when only ISO-octane is added to the gasoline. A zero rating is when only heptane is added, so the various ratings refer to the ratio and blends added to fuel.

What is super unleaded gasoline?

it is a type of gasoline that has a higher octane rating for higher performance engines

Does unleaded engine can use premium gasoline?

Yes you can use premium gasoline in unleaded because premium gasoline is also unleaded. The only reason it is called premium gasoline is because it has a higher octance then regular unleaded. Regular unleaded has an octane rating of 87 and premium has an octane rating of 92. Premium gasoline burns slower then regualr gas because it has a higher octane rating.

What is the main component of unleaded gasoline?

Gasoline is a mixture of several hydrocarbons. The most predominant hydrocarbon is octane, or C8H18, which is why many gasolines have an octane rating.

What does a gasoline octane rating of 93 mean?

it has 93 percent isooctane

What gasoline octane rating is required for Harley Davidson motorcycles?

91 octane is required on all Harley Davidson's.

What is Benzene additive to?

Benzene is often added to gasoline to increase the octane rating .

What are the usage of tetraethyllead?

Tetraethyllead was used as an additive in gasoline to enhance the octane rating.

When is gasoline to old?

Gasoline is old after a month. Especially gasoline which contains ethanol. Ethanol looses its octane rating much faster than petroleum.