What is an igniter plug?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Igniter plug is used in gas turbine engines for ignition,and may be turned off after once the ignition started in combustion chamber.

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Q: What is an igniter plug?
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How do you remove spark plug wires in a 1998 Kia Sephia?

remove the cover on top of the engine. the wies are om the igniter coils remove the cover on top of the engine. the wies are om the igniter coils

How do cars break down gasoline?

they dont. they spray a vapor in to the cylinder (SFI) and the fuel is igniter by the spark plug

were is the igniter on my maytag range?

were is the igniter on my maytag range

You can not get fire to the motor you changed the computer distributor and the igniter and all the fuses are good?

Have you run a diagnostic test? Plug into the computer and see what code has been stored.

What is the function of the igniter on a john Deere lx172 ignition system?

An "igniter" is a subsidiary electrode in an ignitron system.

How do you test 1994 Toyota Camry igniter?

Replace it with a know good one, if that fixes your problem then its the igniter.

Where is the location of the ignition system igniter on a Toyota Corolla?

Where is the igniter located on a toyota corolla 89 dlx.

How the igniter works to set off the model rocket engine?

The typical igniter is a very thin piece of wire with a blob of pyrogen on the centre.

What is a igniter used for?

An igniter is what starts the combustion within the rocket engine so it can take off.

Where is the igniter on a 93 mx3 1.8 v6?

it is inside your distributor.I have 1994 mx3 an my igniter quit,and i had to replace the whole distributor. not cheap.

How do they put a rocket motor into a rocket?

If you have a standard kit, the motor goes in the tube at the bottom so that the end of the motor with a clay nozzle sticks out. Place an igniter in the motor and (if you are using Estes or Quest motors) put the plug ontop of the igniter and push it in. Turn the rocket upright and put it on the pad. If you don't have a rocket with a motor mount meant for this than don't try it.

What two test are necessary to check oven glow igniter to verify that the igniter is good?

Check continuity. If it reads open then replace ignitor.