What is an example of water condensing?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Dew and rain are two examples.

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Q: What is an example of water condensing?
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What is an example of a gas-liquid?

The condensing of water vapor in to water dropplets

Why is water condensing a physical change?

Because it become solid. Example water become ice.

Gas into a liquid give an example?

Steam from your tea pot condensing into water.

What are some real life example of condensing?

steam from your kettle that turns to water on your window!!

Is water condensing a physical or chemical change?

water condensing is a physical change.

When you beathe onto a cold window and water droplets appear it is an example of?

Condensation. The water vapor in your breath (a gas) is chilling, and condensing into liquid water on the glass.

What is an example of liquid to gas phase change equilibrium?

Water boiling to become steam is an example of a liquid to gas phase change.

The change of state from Gas to LIquid?

The process of changing matter from the gaseous state to the liquid state is called condensing. A common example of condensation is steam from a hot shower condensing into water on the cooler bathroom mirror.

What is water vapor doing when its changed to water?

The water vapour is condensing.

What do you call theprocess in which water vapour becomes water?


What is an example of the liquid to gas change equilibrium?

Evaporating and condensing.

What occurs at the cloud base where water vapor begins condensing?

At the cloud base when water vapor begins condensing it begins to release it. This releasing is called rain.