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a bicycle

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It’s a cart.
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So you are a idiot.
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it is a

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Q: What is a two wheeled vehicle for carrying things?
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What is a two wheeled vehicle for carrying things add one letter?


What is a two -wheeled vehicle that carries things?


What is a two-wheeled vehicle?

A two wheeled vehicle is one that has two wheels. A bicycle, motorcycle, moped, segway... etc

What is the name of a two wheeled vehicle that carries things only four letters in the name?


What is a two wheeled vehicle called?


A two-wheeled vehicle propelled?


What is a two-wheeled vehicle called?


Two wheeled vehicle propelled with leg?

A bicycle.

What is an ancient horse drawn two wheeled vehicle?


Two-wheeled passenger vehicle drawn by one or two men?

Jinrickshaw A jinrickshaw is a two-wheeled, passenger vehicle with a fold-down top, pulled by one person, used widely in Japan and China.

What is a light two wheeled one-horse carriage?

A cart.Answer 2:A two wheeled vehicle pulled by a horse could be a cart or a sulky.A two-wheeled vehicle, beginning with a "c", that is pulled by a horse could be a chariot.There are several:carriagechariotbuggybrouettecabrioletdennetdogcartgighansomnoddyquadrigashandrysulkytilburyThere are many two wheeled horse vehicles, but typically they are referred to as horse carts or buggies. Larger 4 wheeled vehicles were usually called carriage's, coaches and wagons.The two-wheeled cart to race Standardbreds are called sulkies. Ones used for show or pleasure can be called carts or buggies, usually buggies are 4-wheeled though. There may be other terms but these are the most common.

What does a two wheeled means of transport mean?

A two-wheeled means of transport typically refers to a vehicle or mode of transportation that is supported by two wheels, such as bicycles, motorcycles, scooters, and some Segway models. These vehicles are designed for individuals to ride or operate on various terrains for commuting or recreational purposes.