What is a tri axle dump truck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A dump truck with two (tandem) rear pulling axles supported by a third fixed axle located in the middle of the truck which only reaches the ground after a certain amount of load weight.

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Q: What is a tri axle dump truck?
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What is a tri-axle dump truck?

It's a dump truck with four axles--the steer axle in front and three axles in back. One of them moves up and down via a control in the cab, so the tires aren't on the road if the truck's not loaded. A tri-axle dump truck carries more weight than a one-axle or two-axle truck.

How wide is a tri-axle dump truck?

A North American truck will be 96" wide.

How much SOD can a dump truck hold?

That's going to depend on the dump truck's configuration. It could be a single axle, tandem, tri-axle, quad axle, quint axle, centipede, frameless end dump, framed end dump, etc.

How many wheels on a tri-axle dump truck?

12 or 14. Depends if lift axle has dual tires or not.

How much does a tri axle dump truck weigh?

In the vicinity of 22,000 - 25,000 lbs.

How much dirt can a dump truck hold?

The amount of dirt a dump truck can hold depends on the size of the dump truck. The average tri axle dump truck can hold 12 cubic yards of dirt, and a quad axle can hold 14.

How many tons of material does a tri-axle truck hold?

It varies from state to state, and will also be dependent on the tare weight of the truck. I can tell you that, in North Carolina, 13 to 15 tons is the norm for a tri-axle dump truck.

What is the weight of a Volvo Dump Truck?

Need to know the specific model and configuration (e.g., single axle, tandem, tri-axle, quad axle, centipede) in order to answer this.

How many tons of shale in a tri axle dump truck?

Varies by state. In North Carolina, a tri-axle is generally good for 15 - 17 tons, depending on the tare weight of the vehicle.

How to Drive a tri axle dump truck?

Go to a truck driving school. You're not going to learn how to drive a Class 8 truck by reading about it on this website.

What is Pennsylvania prevailing wage for dump truck drivers?

Wages differ from job to job. The contractor you are working for will be able to provide you with them. Dump trucks (single & tri-axle) are Truck Driver Class 2.

What average weight of a dump truck?

Which weight? Gross weight? Tare weight? What configuration? 1 ton pickup? Single axle Class 7/8 truck? Tandem axle truck? Tri-axle truck? Quad axle truck? Quint axle truck? Centipede? "Superdump" quint with Strong Arm? Transfer truck? Tractor-trailer end dump, or belly dump, or side dump? Try to narrow down the variables a bit. There's really no way of knowing what an "average" dump truck is without knowing statistics of how many single axle, tandem, tri-axle, quad, quint, centipede, and superdump dump trucks are out there - to the best of my knowledge, no such statistics have been compiled. At the company I work for, our tandem axle dumps (with steel dump bodies) weigh between 23,000 and 24,500... the 23,000 lbs. trucks are the Peterbilt 330s, and the 24,500 lb. trucks are the Kenworth T800s with "rock tub" steel bodies, high lift gates, and split gate beds. These are the tare (empty) weights, not the loaded weights.