What is a tensioner on a automobile?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A tensioner automatically maintains the correct tension on the accessory drive belt.

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Q: What is a tensioner on a automobile?
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Where can one purchase a belt tensioner?

Belt tensioners used in cars and automobiles can be found from major dealers of automobile products. They can also be purchased from online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

Where is the tensioner pulley bolt?

On the tensioner, sometimes it has a cover on the tensioner that covers the bolt.

How do you adjust the Belt tensioner on a 92 Chevy 1500?

You can adjust the belt tensioner by loosening the tensioner bolt. When the tensioner bolt is loose the tensioner pulley can move back and fourth.

How do you replace the air con serpentine belt of izzy rodeo 1995 6cl engine?

You can replace the air conditioner serpentine belt of your 1995 automobile by removing the old belt. Take the new belt and feed it around the components. Loosen the tensioner bolt. This will help the new belt to fit properly. Once the new belt design tighten the tensioner bolt.

Where is the tensioner on a 97 Ford Escort?

there are two tensioners, the serpentine tensioner and the timing belt tensioner. the timing belt tensioner is behind the timing belt cover ;)

How remove tensioner pulley on a 2002 camaro 3.8?

One bolt holds the tensioner to the engine, take it off to get the tensioner off and then you can get to the bolt that holds the pulley to the tensioner.

How do you loosen the serpentine belt tensioner?

Place a breaker bar on the lug/hole on the tensioner; then pry against the tensioner.

Where do you purchase this tensioner pulley?

auto store usually special order for a timing belt tensioner or belt tensioner

How do you repair belt tensioner 1999 F350?

there is no repair for a belt tensioner. just buy a new tensioner. remove old belt, remove old tensioner, it is held on with one bolt. install new tensioner. install new belt

How do you tighten the belt tensioner on a 93 Taurus?

The tensioner has a spring in it that provides the correct tension for the belt. If it is too loose, replace the tensioner.

Where is tenioner bolt on 96 Chevy Cavlier?

The tensioner bolt for a 96 Cavalier is in the pulley for the tensioner. The tensioner is in the middle of the front of the engine.

Do you have to turn a tensioner clockwise to loosen it?

What side do I turn the tensioner to loosen it?