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less money to spend on entertainment

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Q: What is a possible secondary effect of buying a new car instead of a used car?
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direct and secondary effect

What is penetrating trauma caused by shrapnel is usually attributed to?

Secondary blast effect

What is the negative effect of piracy on artists and businesses?

You get their products for free instead of buying it from them and that is a major loss on their behalf. they got into this business to make money.

Is shrapnel a secondary blast effect?


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A secondary or unintended effect of an action. I suspect it is a term taken from rugby.

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Secondary effect is also known as cause and effect.With ref to earthquakes, this can be explained as1st effect The earthquake shakes the ground and collapses a building, breaking a gas pipe2nd effect The gas is ignited causing an explosion

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Secondary blast effect

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I'm not too sure as I have only just started to do this in geography but i'm certain that disease is secondary effect because it's not DIRECTLY an effect from Haiti.. but it is consequently an effect from Haiti Nevertheless <---- OMG I FEEL SO SMART! :D

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expanding the role of the national government

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secondary effect