What is a naturally streamlined object?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i don't particularly understand what you mean by naturally streamline but seals, dolphins, sharks, bullet train, a racing car and a special racing bike helmet. i hope this comes in handy.

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Q: What is a naturally streamlined object?
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What are different streamlined objects?

There are many different streamlines object. The streamlined object is the object that air hits it least. Any object that is pointy or Begin with small part to a big part this is streamlined object.

Name an object that is streamlined?


If an object is ----- it can move through the air faster?


An example of a streamlined object?

Jets, Shark ,Fish.

Why would a streamlined object be able to move faster than an object that wasn't?

Because when an object is streamlined it becomes smoother so the air becomes weaker and the object becomes stronger to move, but if the object is not streamlined it becomes slower because the air resistance is holding it back so its harder to move with a certain speed. +++ Not quite. The air does not become "weaker", nor does the object become "stronger" to move. The second part is right, and can also be stated as streamlining reduces the air resistance acting on it so reducing the force needed to move it at any given speed.

Is a bus streamlined?

yeah planes are streamlined. streamlined is when the tip is more pointy and that's what jet planes are like. take a dart for example, they have a pointy tip so they can glide through the air with ease. this is the most important part. the pointier ( or more streamlined ) the object is, the affect of a force called drag ( which has an opposit called thrust) is less. SO THEY GO FASTER!!!!!!!!!

What can naturally to produce a steeper slope in a stream?

[object Object]

What object naturally black?

the night.

How can making things streamlined make them go faster?

Making something streamlined reduces the air resistance on the object. So it won't have to work as a hard at high speeds and can therefore go faster.

Which Objects reduce turbulent flow over water and air?

To reduce turbulent the key is to have streamlined shape of an object.

Is cardboard a naturally occurring?

No - it's a man-made object. But the stuff it is made from is naturally occurring.

How does streamline affect on the speed?

If an object is more streamlined it will create less friction with the air and so it will be able to travel faster