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A hammer.

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Q: What is a manually-powered fastener-driving impact device?
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What is the working principle of the hydraulic impact crusher?

The hydraulic impact crusher is a material crushing machine developed by utilizing impact power. Materials entering into the area of the hammers will broken because of the high-speed impact of hammers and then thrown to the impact device installed on rotators for further crushing.

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What are the features of an impact crusher?

Impact crusher features: Impact crusher is connected with locking sleeve assembly. Impact plate of the impact crusheris with a special shape. The blow bar of the impact crusher is with high chrome The impact crusher has the big reduction ratio, high crushing efficiency. The impact crusher is convenient to maintain. The final product by the impact crusher is desirable device for aggregation used in highway and railway surface and water and electricity industry.

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How do you operate impact crusher?

When the materials enter the field of the hammer, it is impacted by the hammers, thrown onto the impact plate, and crushed. The stuff springs from the impact plate, is impacted by the hammers again, and thrown onto impact plate. This process will last until the stuff meets the requirement and falls from the machine. Adjusting the distance between impact frame and rotor frame can change the shape and size of the output. When some foreign stuff enters the machine, the impact frame will fallback, the stuff falls from the machine. This device can prevent machine from damages.