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This is a low coefficient of friction like driving on ice with a car versus driving on dry asphalt.

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Q: What is a low mu surface?
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The mass of an object is constant. The force of friction is a force that resists motion. When an object moves on a surface, the force of friction opposes the motion. Depending on the properties of the surface, the force of friction will change. This difference in frictional properties is demonstrated by 'mu' a greek symbol. Force of friction = mu x Force of gravity = mu x mass x acceleration due to gravity.Therefore, as the mass of an object increases, so does the force of friction that acts upon it while in motion. mu is a constant for a specific surface, so it is a value you have to be given in some cases in order to calculate the force of friction. Comparing ice and ashphalt, ice would have a lower friction coefficient, mu, than ashphalt would and therefore, the force of friction on any given mass moved on either surface would be greater on an ashphalt surface.

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